RTF Compatible Version for SPS 4.3 and 4.6

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RTF Compatible Version for SPS 4.3 and 4.6

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I need to know what RTF Version is Compatible with the RTF Fields in both V4.3 and V4.6.

I recently was working on a Project that required me to Programmatically add Requirements and Exceptions to order but found that the Field Codes I had defined in the body of the codes did not resolve to Order Content and the result showed the Field Codes in the place where the Order Content should have been.

It was indicated that the only way to Programmatically Add Requirements and Exceptions to Orders and have the Fields Codes Resolve to Order Content was to convert the entire Output to a Formula.

I can confirm that after the output was converted to a formula, the Field Codes did in fact resolve to Order Content. However, All of the RTF Formatting that had previously been applied to the output was gone and the results were being displayed using whatever the default was defined for the Control, which made the results look very tacky and Unprofessional as the Tabs varied from line to line based on the length of the label preceding the values.

With that said, I set out to identify what the minimum RTF Formatting requirements were that could be embedded in the Formula Output and at least set the 1st Tab Stop and preferably Hanging Indent. After a bit of trial and error I found that the following RTF Coding works in the V4.6 Environment and allowed me to set the 1st Tab Stop for all the values. However, when I tried to use the same coding in the V4.3 Environment it failed miserably.

What RTF Version is Compatible with both SPS Versions and how to ensure that this will not suddenly fail if a new SPS Upgrade is applied? (At a minimum I am just looking to set Tab Stop and possibly a Hanging Indent. A Minimal and Universal Version would be best.)

(Example Code that Works in V4.6)

Code: Select all

Value = "{\rtf1\ansi\ansicpg1252\deff0\nouicompat\deflang1033{\fonttbl{\f0\fnil\fcharset0 Arial;}} {\*\generator Riched20 10.0.19041}\viewkind4\uc1 \pard\sl240\slmult1\tx2880\fs20\lang9 "
Value = Value + "Instrument Type:\tab\ " + {{Order.Deeds[1].Type}} + "\par "
Value = Value + “Instrument Date:\tab\ " + {{Order.Deeds[1].Recording.Dated LD}} + "\par "
Value = Value + "Date/Type Recorded:\tab\ " + {{Order.Deeds[1].Recording.RecordedDate}} + "\par "
Value = Value + "\tab\ " + {{Order.Deeds[1].Recording.BookLabel}} + " " + {{Order.Deeds[1].Recording.BookNumber}} + ", " + {{Order.Deeds[1].Recording.PageLabel}} + " " + {{Order.Deeds[1].Recording.PageNumber}} + ", " + {{Order.Deeds[1].Recording.DocumentLabel}} + " " + {{Order.Deeds[1].Recording.DocumentNumber}} + "\par "
Value = Value + "Consideration Amount\tab\ $" + {{Order.Deeds[1].ConsiderationAmount}} + "\par "
Value = Value + "Grantor:\tab\ " + {{Order.Deeds[1].Grantor.Name}} + "\par "
Value = Value + "Grantee:\tab\ " + {{Order.Deeds[1].Grantee.Name}} + "\par "
Value = Value + "}"
(V4.6 Result)
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(Same Code used in V4.3, with Failed Result)
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