4.6.3 SDK - attempting to access Plugin settings fails

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4.6.3 SDK - attempting to access Plugin settings fails

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My plugin/shell package is built using the 4.6.3 SDK.

Here is a snippet of my code which is failing.

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var pluginMgr = serviceProvider.GetService<SelectServer>().GetService<IPluginManager>();

// Get the plugin info object of our plugin. This needs to match the "name" given in the SelectPlugin.manifest
var pluginName = "MyCompany.MyNamespace.MyPlugin";   
var pluginInfo = pluginMgr.Plugins.Where(p => p.Name == pluginName).FirstOrDefault();

Upon attempting to filter the Plugins collection, I get an error: Internal error in the expression evaluator.

I also set a breakpoint and tried using VS’ QuickWatch window to attempt to iterate the collection, but it yielded 0 items.

Help appreciated.

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