Disambiguate Errors in Automation snippet

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Disambiguate Errors in Automation snippet

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Good afternoon,

After research the SDK and applying about 40 permutations to my snippet, I keep receiving the same two errors, randomly. The same code will produce one of the two errors at different times.

Code: Select all

# Pull All of from System import *
from SoftPro.ClientModel import *
from SoftPro.OrderTracking.Client import *
from SoftPro.OrderTracking.Client.Orders import *
from SoftPro.OrderTracking.Client.Orders import IOrder

# Handle Disambiguate
def Lookups_DisambiguateLookupRow(sender, e):


def Are_MrkSrcReps_OrderContacts():

	errors = ""

	# Disambiguate
	lookupsMgr = Context.Root.GetService(ILookups)
	lookupsMgr.DisambiguateLookupRow += Lookups_DisambiguateLookupRow

	## Removed Logic 
	for mrkSrcRepCode in MrkSrcRepCodes:# Loop Reps and look for ord level match
		if mrkSrcRepCode[0] not in OrdLvlMrkRepCodes:# Create Contact
				# Create New Rep and set code
				newMrkRep = IOrder.CreateNew(Context, 'Other')
				newMrkRep.OtherType = "Marketing Rep"
				newMrkRep.LookupCode = mrkSrcRepCode[0] # if commented no errors
			except Exception as err2:
				errors += "ERROR1: "+ str(err2)
	if errors != "":

The two errors I recieved consistently are:
- Global Name "e" is not defined (it is present in the disambiguate function)
- Expected Int, got string

- The function did work to add a contact from the lookuptable, but it only happened once and I could not reproduce it.
- Running .41.

At a loss at this point.

Please let me know if you have any ideas.
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