Recording Fee Payee

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Recording Fee Payee

Post by kendale.wyatt »

I have the below formula in a {{Order.HUDs.Section1200.Charges.HUDTo}} field but it doesn't work once fees are actually added. The HUDTo field reflects the O3 contact but the {{{Order.HUDs.Section1200.Charges.Payees.Contact}} defaults the payee code to A. Assuming I need to make this a custom order rule, is there a way to be sure that the payee code on this line is always the Recording contact (in this case the contact with the O3 payee code)?

Value = ""
If ( CountOf({{Order.Others}})>=1 ) Then
Iterate {{Order.Others}} From 1 to #{{Order.Others}}
If ( @.OtherType = "Recording" ) Then
Value = @.Code
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Re: Recording Fee Payee

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The default contact for HUD section 1200 is set in the order profile. Typically it is set to the Settlement Agent.
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You can create a COR to change any of the fields, but what items do you want to change? Which line/charge/payee/payor do you want to override with logic for the new setting?
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