Set CDF Line to None

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Set CDF Line to None

Post by B_Hinote »

When Defining an Additional Title Charge I know that we have the ability to set the CDF Line to the Next available line of a Section by defining a formula that contains the following: Value = SelectCDFLine("<whatever your default section letter is>")

How can we use the Additional Title Charges Lookup Table to pull an Item and ensure that the CDF Line is set to None?

I want to add the item to the Invoice, but not the CD, and when this field is not defined it automatically defaults to a line item.

Thank you.
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Re: Set CDF Line to None

Post by kkellett »

In the CDF Line field, there is out of the box functionality that assigns the next available line if the charge has a dollar amount. While there is not a way to return None for a CDF Line field, we can use a commented formula to prevent the default functionality. This same method works in other fields with default functionality/programming as well. The Email subject line creates text for us but if we press F8 and insert a comment - which is coded as anything that starts with two forward slashes in the formula editor programming language:

Code: Select all

This will prevent the email subject line from populating. This is because of the hierarchy of user-entered data trumping a formula, a formula trumping a Custom Order rule and a COR trumping the out of the box programming.

So - to answer your question - use a comment as a formula to prevent the CDF Line from populating! I used

Code: Select all

// None  
and this worked to save the entry in the Additional Title Charges lookup table and prevented the CDF Line from populating when the entry was later retrieved.
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