How to Edit Custom Order Rules

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How to Edit Custom Order Rules

Post by BobRichards » Mon Sep 14, 2015 10:08 am

SoftPro Select has recently changed the way Custom Order Rules (CORs) are edited in order to speed processing time.

When an order is first created, CORs can be added/removed/modified by pressing Shift-F12 to open the SoftPro Development Studio. At this time, the modules are in read/write mode - you can even add new modules if you wish.

Once the order is saved and the user re-opens the order, CORs are read-only by default. You can still use Shift-F12 to view the CORs, but you cannot edit them nor add new modules to the order. (Note that the module source viewer window has the message "[Read-Only]" appended to the module name.) If you want to open the order modules in read/write mode, you must first open the order with the ALT key pressed. Then you can use Shift-F12 to open the development studio with the modules in read/write mode again.
Bob Richards, Senior Software Developer, SoftPro

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