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F8 / Custom Line Descriptions

Post by DanAtMPL » Sun Oct 10, 2021 3:44 pm

We're running SoftPro Select Hosted, version 4.3.60210.108. I've previously used F8 to change the default text for a line, and a calculation based on the purchase price.

We have a new client who wants very detailed descriptions for the Tax Prorations. It's somewhat time-consuming for the paralegal, and constantly needs to be updated if there's a change of closing date (which happens often). Here's an example of how they want it to look:

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Property Taxes Seller pays 280 Days @ $ 4.49 per day Buyer pays 85 days @ $4.49 per day
With that in mind, since all the numbers they want displayed can be taken right from Field Codes, I tried to use F8 to set the default text on CDF p2 Line F.04 (for "Pay Total Tax") to the following:

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"Property Taxes Seller Pays " {{Order.Properties.Taxes.Calculation.SellerPortionDays}} " at $" {{Order.Properties.Taxes.Calculation.RealPropertyTax.Amount}}/{{Order.Properties.Taxes.Calculation.TotalSellerPortionDays}} " per day Buyer pays " {{Order.Properties.Taxes.Calculation.TotalSellerPortionDays}}-{{Order.Properties.Taxes.Calculation.SellerPortionDays}} " days at $" {{Order.Properties.Taxes.Calculation.RealPropertyTax.Amount}}/{{Order.Properties.Taxes.Calculation.TotalSellerPortionDays}}
When I paste the above into the Formula Editor, I receive the error " 'Set <Property>' does not contain a definition of 'Taxes'. "
I took the field codes directly from the Field Code Browser, for example when I clicked on the "Seller's portion is: ___ days" field, it showed me the path was "Order.Properties.Taxes.Calculation.SellerPortionDays". It looks like it's not accepting that I want the words "Property Taxes" at the beginning of the entry to actually be printed text, instead of part of a calculation or declaration or something. I've tried both double-quotes and single-quotes (apostrophe), with the same results either way.

How do I get the Description to include these referenced field codes?

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Re: F8 / Custom Line Descriptions

Post by BobRichards » Sun Oct 10, 2021 6:09 pm

Since a couple of those properties are plural (Properties, Taxes), you must specify which one (first property is "Property[1]"). Also, you have to combine the individual strings and fields with a "+" character to concatenate the values together as a single string. Hopefully this will get you started:

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Value = "Example amount $" + {{Order.Properties[1].Taxes[1].Calculation.RealPropertyTax.Amount}}
Will display
Example amount $1000.00
Bob Richards, Senior Software Developer, SoftPro

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