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Lookup Table

Posted: Tue May 05, 2020 5:35 pm
by dutil
Is there a way to reference a specific lookup table with a string?

The previous way we would access a lookup table (ex: below) requires passing in a type for the context, this requires a reference to the 'Softpro.OrderTracking.Order' assembly, which is only made available when you open an order and not an assembly we can access directly.

Code: Select all

var lookupService = SelectServer.GetService<ILookups>();
            ILookupMap map = lookupService.GetLookupMap(Order.OwnershipProfile);

            ILookupMapEntry entry = null;
            if (!map.TryGet(LoanPolicy.GetType(), ".InsuredMortgageLookupCode", out entry))
                InsuredMortgage_radDropDownList.Enabled = false;

            var spec = new LookupQuerySpec
                SchemaOnly = false,
                Table = entry.Name

            var table = lookupService.QueryTable(spec);
            var rows = new List<string> { string.Empty };
            rows.AddRange(table.Rows.Select(x => x[0].Value.ToString()));
But we are now trying reference a lookup table in another application (this is a separate maintenance/configuration style application and does not reference nor open any orders). This means we do not have a LoanPolicy object or a reference to the 'SoftPro.OrderTracking.Order' library that it appears to reside in.

Is there another way to query the lookup tables (via string preferably) or a way to get a direct reference to 'SoftPro.OrderTracking.Order' so we can reference the types in it for the 'ILookupMap.TryGet()' call (without requiring opening an order to trigger the assembly load from the service)?