Register Now for SPUG 2017 Engineer Forum, 4/5-7 in FL

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Register Now for SPUG 2017 Engineer Forum, 4/5-7 in FL

Post by Melissa McBerkowitz » Tue Jan 03, 2017 11:18 am

SoftPro’s annual User Group conference will be held April 5-7, 2017 at the Naples Beach Hotel & Golf Club in Naples, FL ( This year, we’re offering a hands-on software development track, the Select Engineer Forum, as part of this conference. Registration and details about other courses are now available at Registration is $495/person, or register more than 1 person from your office for only $395 – the cheapest development class you’ll ever take! Space is limited, so register early to guarantee a space in this course.

Course Details
Do you want to know to how create high-impact, custom integrations for your Select title & escrow system? The Select Engineer Forum will cover many of the architectural and integration aspects of SoftPro Select. If you have ever wondered about shell packages, server packages or custom order rules, this is the place for you! And don’t worry if you’re a seasoned Select engineer. There are plenty of new and exciting features to introduce too!

NOTE: This is a highly technical track. You'll be writing code (in C# and Python) during these courses.

Introduction to SoftPro Select Architecture
This session will introduce you to SoftPro Select’s architecture, how we develop Select and what that means for you. If you’re new to Select development, attending this session is the best way to get started!

Introduction to SoftPro Select’s Integrations
Learn just how easy it is to integrate deeply within the Select platform. In this session, you’ll learn how to differentiate your business and leverage the full power of the Select platform. We will cover the many integration options available in Select, as well as when and where you should use them.

Select Data Archiving Tips & Tricks
In this course, we will cover the data archiving abilities in Select. What is archiving? When should you configure it, and how does it affect your end users? We will answer these questions, and many more.

Shell & Server Package Development 101
In this hands-on session, we will create a shell package and a server package using the SoftPro Select SDK. Ever wanted to create a custom tool window or ribbon button? What about a custom order save validation? Then this session is for you!

Custom Order Rule Development 101
In this hands-on session, we will set up Custom Business Rules in Select to enhance your order editing. Perhaps you want to ensure that your employees select a marketing source on every file, or you want to disable certain fields, or have custom validations. Select has you covered!

Introduction to Automation Architecture

Did someone say “automation?” Yes, yes I did! We are very excited about the new automation capabilities in Select. In this session we will cover the inner workings of this amazing technology and how you can extend it to meet your needs.

Ask the Architect
This is your chance to ask that really hard, technical question about Select. This is an open Q&A session with SoftPro’s Chief Software Architect, John Morris. Come prepared to ask questions, share your experiences and make suggestions for system improvements. We are all ears!

HTML ReadyDoc Design & Development
Select now supports a new document creation technology, HTML ReadyDocs, which excel at highly complex documents. They support HTML5, CSS3 and Python. In this session we will cover this new technology offering and discuss when to use it, or when to use the existing Word ReadyDocs.

Word ReadyDoc Design & Development
Learn the ins and outs of designing and programming custom Word ReadyDocs for use within SoftPro Select. This hands-on session includes instruction on document properties, logic, document trees and more. We’ll help you understand how different types of logic accommodate multiple objects, review coding options and go over how to protect portions of documents while allowing the user to edit certain parts. We’ll also provide an overview of SPAdmin, ReadyDocs, and ReadyDocs Managers and explain how each function relates to document development and rendering. The document coding possibilities are endless!
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