Create a whole order from scratch?

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Create a whole order from scratch?

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I am trying to create a new Order programmatically using C# and Visual Studio 2019 and figuring out all components I have to setup, like:

- Seller
- Buyers
- Escrow Office / Officer
- Title Office / Officer
- Underwriter

Since everything is dynamic is hard to find the right property to update, for example, if I open an order in debug mode I can see Order have properties like: Seller, Buyers, Contacts, Escrow, etc..

Buyers have properties like Name, Email, Address, however also have MainPerson who contain Address, Email, etc...repeating many properties from the root object, Buyers is also a property People which include again same as MainPerson, so is confusing which of those properties should be updated?, I assume many of those properties are calculated.

It is there like a sample code that creates a whole order from scratch?

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Re: Create a whole order from scratch?

Post by BobRichards » Thu Oct 31, 2019 5:29 pm

If you are creating apps targeted at Select 4.3 or before, you will have to use Visual Studio 2015. If you are working with Select 4.6 or later, see this Developing Packages for Select 4.6 and beyond.

Your primary way of determining how the order model works is the Select Field Code Browser. You can navigate around the order and see the types of objects. Once you have a basic bearing, you will need to do what you have been doing and set breakpoints to see the various objects. This developer forum will also provide examples of setting up different types of objects when you search. If you have specific questions, fire away. Unfortunately we don't have a soup-to-nuts example of creating an order.
Bob Richards, Software Developer, SoftPro

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