Enterprise to Cameron Report Conversion

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Enterprise to Cameron Report Conversion

Post by cgriffin » Tue Jun 30, 2015 6:54 pm

Good evening,

I am trying to find where in the Cameron Database would I find the "Type" as indicated in the code below from Enterprise?

From what I can tell, it does not exist.

from policyregister t3
left outer join search t1 on t1.firmfile = t3.firmfile
t3.firmfile in (select firmfile from #policiesissued) and
t3.type in ('L-OE', 'F-L1E', 'I-L2E', 'L-L3E')

Thank you,

Lisa Ennis
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Re: Enterprise to Cameron Report Conversion

Post by Lisa Ennis » Wed Jul 01, 2015 9:33 am

The codes indicate policy, endorsement, or additional title charges and for which policy they are applicable to. Those specifically are endorsement codes for the different policies. The closest field that you will find to this in Select is in the pfm.TitleProduct table. The Type field in that table indicates the title product type. The explanation of the codes is in the zref.TitleProductItemType table.

The Title tables and their joins are complicated. The rptdoc.PolicyRegister stored procedure to help with those joins. Also, Policies, Endorsements and AdditionalTitleCharges have their own tables, so INNER JOINs to those tables may also get you what you need.
Lisa Ennis
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