Visibility based on Cash To Borrower/Seller - CDF

Questions about and code samples for adding visibility conditions within Select
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Visibility based on Cash To Borrower/Seller - CDF

Post by Kolinski » Sun Feb 10, 2019 4:25 pm

I'm looking to make a document visible only if the buyer or seller are receiving funds from us out of the closing. I was able to modify a prior code you gave me to get this to work on a HUD file but cant locate the line or field names on a CDF file. Or possibly an easier way, are the Cash From and To seller/buyer check boxes on page 1 of a CDF accessible to do a true/false statement based on those?

Additionally, if the Title Company funding type was "Net" {{Order.Loans.Funding.TitleFundingType}} I would not need these documents visible.

Here’s my HUD/Seller version based on an earlier code you provided:

Code: Select all

# From enumeration in SoftPro.Accounting.Client.Orders
SettlementType_CDF = 0
SettlementType_CSS = 2
SettlementType_HUD1 = 1

# Later logic will set variable to True if report should be run.
enableReport = False

if int(Order.SettlementType) == SettlementType_CSS:
elif int(Order.SettlementType) == SettlementType_HUD1:
	# Search all lines in first HUD for line 603
	allLines = Order.HUDs[0].Lines
	matches = [l for l in allLines if l.Number == 603]
	if len(matches) == 1:
		# We found 603 - now run final tests.
		line = matches[0]
		description = '' if line.Description is 'CASH FROM SELLER' else line.Description
		enableReport = description == 'CASH TO SELLER'
elif int(Order.SettlementType) == SettlementType_CDF:
# Return enable flag after scanning the order.
return enableReport
Thank you

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Re: Visibility based on Cash To Borrower/Seller - CDF

Post by BobRichards » Tue May 14, 2019 1:05 pm

Please repost if this issue is still active. Thanks.
Bob Richards, Senior Software Developer, SoftPro

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