Automation - Solving for a Null value in a contact

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Automation - Solving for a Null value in a contact

Post by lsinn » Thu May 07, 2020 2:50 pm

Hi. I have an automation that is not working when I have a file that does not have a value in the lookup for the Referral Source Contact.

I attached the process and copies of the code snippets that are part of this process. Even though I am looking to exclude this automation from running when the Referral Source equals the 3 listed in the process "R1535", "R1713" and "R1714", it is not running whenever a Referral Source contact exists but has no value in the Resource Lookup code. I am looking to find a solution to the automation to allow it to run whenever there is no value as well as well as when there is a value excluding the 3 we are excluding. Thanks.
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Re: Automation - Solving for a Null value in a contact

Post by BobRichards » Thu May 07, 2020 5:17 pm

I don't see a way to accomplish that logic with the "canned" options you have.

Have you considered adding one more "and a code snippet evaluates to true" snippet with the other two at the top of the rule? The code could go directly to the "Other" contacts collection and test the LookupCode. You can pull all the other LookupCode tests in the logic (R1535, ...).

(Also, unless you have a reason to keep them separate, both of the Requested Tasks testing snippets can be combined and/or brought into the same snippet as the new LookupCode snippet.)

Each "If" criteria rule can be a separate workflow step with overhead. If you can combine steps (without making the logic overly complex or unmaintainable for the human), the mid-tier server will perform better for the enterprise.
Bob Richards, Senior Software Developer, SoftPro

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