concurrent SPS instances?

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concurrent SPS instances?

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When I launch the select.exe client it runs fine, and when I attempt to launch a 2nd instance of the select.exe client, I get an error box "Failed to start application........" with some additional text which states that it "failed to switch to the existing Select process..."

So I'm assuming this is an intentional restriction on the client, itself - that is, only one instance is allowed to be running.

My question is: is that per machine, or per user session, or per ____ ?

(How many Windows Server 201x RDP sessions can I create, each with a different user, each running an instance of the SPS client? )

Thank you.
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Re: concurrent SPS instances?

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Only one instance per machine is allowed. You can run as many instances of Select across multiple machines as you wish. However as some point you will exhaust the number of available licenses if you interact with ProForm, ProTrust, etc. or possibly available server ports.
Bob Richards, Senior Software Developer, SoftPro
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